Thursday, 24 September 2015

Corporate Identity Design - MINT Construction

Corporate Identity - the icon or symbol that represents a business in one simple form. We created the identity and brand style for innovative Construction company MINT.

The brief called for an identity design that instantly informed of the business ethos of clarity and strength. These attributes where shown visually as a block (four walls), a strong, clean font and the 'i' in the text suggesting a rooftop. Solid black colouring was used to convey a contemporary flavour along with a fresh mint green.

The finished MINT identity and brand style is currently being rolled out across a range of printed elements including Stationery Design and Brochure Design along with new Site Hoarding Designs, Signage Design, Van Livery Design and a Responsive Website Design.

You can view the new site at and our new Hoarding Designs are now appearing around London.