Monday, 22 November 2010

Revisiting our Corporate Identity and Branding for the ASA

Back in 2008 we were approached by our long-standing client the ASA (see examples here) to develop a new corporate identity and brand styling. Their business model and thinking had changed and research had suggested that the use of the word 'amateur' in their name Amateur Swimming Association was seen as having a negative effect on their business.

Through a series of Brand Workshops which gathered a group of employees from across the business, we established clear objectives that the new identity and brand should aim to achieve.

The brief required us to represent the five core aquatic disciplines within the identity itself which would then be developed into individual brand identities in their own right.

Amongst our initial designs were these two suggestions which already showed elements that we would later develop into the final identity design.

As the identity designs took shape we drilled down with refinement that lead us to a final design - shown here in the various colourways -

Once we had the new identity established and approved we were able to develop the brand styling that would be applied across a wide range of marketing and promotional materials -

The identity is two years old now it is still as fresh today as when we created it. The identity has since been applied across a huge range of applications from printed literature of all kinds and websites and even to Kellogg's breakfast cereal packs.

With this umbrella identity firmly in place, we later went on to design and develop a range of exciting sub and product brands that followed the same graphic visual language.