Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Developing a professional brand identity for a local business

As we start a new year we find that it's a great time to reflect on some of the ongoing work that we've been developing for our clients.

We've been working closely with a local Estate Agents business for a number of years, building on their established identity and developing a strong brand identity that is continually being rolled out across a range of marketing materials.

When we started working with Sheen's they already had a strong colour palette which we adopted and refined, helping to give them a bold visual look. These colours have been applied to all materials including their main Brochure and Location Map Brochure which we have recently redesigned for them.

The brand identity structure is built around a confident visual tone of voice which is also reflected in the use of typography where oversized text plays a big role in communicating key messages. These messages are designed to not only get across information quickly but to also reflect the clarity of the way the client conducts its business.

Our new Website design follows the same thinking in its visual and simple structure. The site size itself isn't huge as much of the usability is built around the Vebra Property Database where searches for both properties for sale and properties to let are drawn into our styled results pages.

The 'home' page displays a ticker message where the client has admin access, enabling them to change the text on the fly. As an added benefit we've also introduced a 'featured property' panel which displays a feed to a client selected property that they have chosen to highlight.

Purposefully simple, incredibly effective.

Other newly designed and branded elements include stationery and newspaper advertising along with sales and letting boards which we've designed to make the most of the strong colour palette to ensure they stand out on any busy street.

The client has also recently opened an additional office in a new location which features our brand styling. For this project we adapted the colour palette slightly, darkening the colours to reflect a higher quality since the office location and market is prestigious and properties command a much higher value. We know the power of colour can't be underestimated.