Monday, 21 February 2011

We've been very busy!

We've been very busy lately so it has been a while since we last posted.

There's a lot of exciting things and projects happening at the moment, many of which we'll share shortly. In the meantime we can tell you about a great project that we're progressing for a new client - the Trading Standards Institute.

In essence we've been briefed to design a Direct Mail literature piece that aligns the TSI with brand leaders such as Levi, Sony and Nintendo. It's a difficult project in that the Mailer must not only make a impact but communicate the complex nature of their offering. With some clever copywriting and strong branding of course that won't be a problem to us!

The project is very much in progression but the Client has been very impressed so far. In fact they've already given us a Strategy Brochure Project on the back of our creative solutions and service.

Here are a couple of examples of part one of the two part mailing - a 6 page A5 design. We'll post all of the designs when they are completed and live.

We'll be back soon with more project updates and news from behind the scenes at Laban Brown Design.