Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our work for Adecco Recruitment

For many years we were the lead Design Agency for the huge international recruitment company Adecco. During those early years for us we worked alongside some amazing Marketing people, many whom we continue to work with in other companies.

Our role covered many aspects of the Adecco business both nationally and internationally - small internal comms projects to branch refurbishment graphics.

Whilst recently looking for something completely different on our backups we discovered a whole heap of creative work that we created for Adecco over those early days in our history and we thought it would be nice to both remind ourselves of all that hard work and to also share here on our blog.

So, here's a first random batch of images, designs and visuals for all things Adecco spanning many years of creativity. In a testament to their success many of these designs are still being used today!

More to follow... in the meantime you can see more examples on our website.

Branch graphics
Vodafone recruitment campaign

Adecco Sales Recruitment branding and literature range
AdeccoWeb branding and support literature

Adecco Education Services - sub-branding, sales literature,
terms of business, advertising, displays...

Adecco Catering & Hospitality - sub-branding, sales literature,
terms of business, advertising, displays...

Davis Cup sponsorship - advertising, support graphics, literature, tickets...

Adecco desk calendar(s) - design and production of a range of sub-branded versions:
Alfred Marks, Jonathan Wren, Roevin, Computer People...

Tesco 'wise men and women' Christmas recruitment campaign -
in-store posters, leaflets and hanging graphics