Friday, 30 March 2012

Born in 1993 - Part 1

Laban Brown Design - a Creative Design Agency born in 1993

It come to our attention that our design agency will be 19 years old very soon. It's not a traditional age to break out the champagne for a celebration but we rarely follow convention.

As part of our celebrations we plan a 'from start to now' blog update so be sure to watch out for it! We're busy unearthing some unflattering photographs of us back in the day along with our earliest projects which we hope to add in here too.

A lot has changed over the years but our focus on providing the best design solutions has never faltered. This is why some of our very first clients still work with us today. Our decision to build our design agency in Essex rather than London has paid dividends over and over. We have space to think and still just an hour from London which seems to be the perfect mix for us.

With clients located around the corner like our friends at the Love to Eat Deli to our Disney friends all the way over the pond in sunny Los Angeles, our early logic has proven to be a good decision!